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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) courses

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a dynamic water sport that blends relaxation with adventure, offering enthusiasts a unique way to explore aquatic environments while enjoying a full-body workout. Originating from ancient Polynesian roots, SUP has evolved into a popular activity enjoyed worldwide.

Unlike traditional surfing, SUP involves standing upright on a large board and propelling oneself across the water using a single-bladed paddle. Its accessibility and minimal equipment requirements make it easy for anyone to get started, catering to diverse interests and abilities.

SUP offers a myriad of health benefits, engaging core muscles, improving stability, and fostering cardiovascular fitness. From leisurely paddles to adrenaline-fueled surfing, the sport offers endless variations to suit every preference.

At Otley Sailing Club we offer Beginner and Intermediate training and Paddleboard Yoga sessions, on specific dates over the summer, for adults (over 16 years). The sessions are run by accomplished ASI instructors with many years experience in stand up paddling. The Beginner and Intermediate lessons are 2 hours long, for a maximum of 6 paddlers each, and are suitable for adults of all abilities. The SUP Yoga sessions - for the intermediate/experienced paddleboarder or the Yoga enthusiast (paddleboarding experience not essential) - are 1 hour long with a maximum of 6 paddlers.

For those not familiar with the lake at Otley, it's an enclosed flat water location that provides a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere full of natural beauty and wildlife.


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